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Berlin Wall Way -how Berlin looks today!

Until the November 9th, the Berlin wall separated East- and West-Berlin. Today, it’s hard to imagine that some of Berlin’s most crowded places used to be no-go-areas.

With this video the little Ampelmann guides you the way where the wall used to stand. On some places you still can see original fragments of the wall. On other places a double-brick path shows the Berlin Wall Way.

How many casualties?
136-245 (according to estimates)
How many border guards?
How many watch towers?

Dis you know, that …

… the wall separated 92 Streets, four underground lines, eight city railways and three freeways? Also, there were 13 border crossings. Checkpoint Charlie was one of the three border stations that were under American control. It got its name from the third letter of the International Phonetic Alphabet, „C“ for „Charlie“. In October 1961, when Soviet and Allied tanks stood there, facing each other with live ammunition, Europe was only a few seconds and a few meters away from a new war. Up until 1989, Checkpoint Charlie was the setting for some of the most spectacular escapes. Here you can learn more about the Checkpoint Charlie.