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Berlin Bridges

Funnily enough, no one can really say how many bridges there are in Berlin exactly. Depending on the definition (water bridges, road bridges, etc.) one can count between 969 to 2100 bridges – a lot anyway! Also, there is a huge variety of architectural styles, from ancient to very modern. The oldest bridge in Berlin is the “Jungfernbrücke” from 1798. The most famous “bridge” is no longer visible today: the Berliner Luftbrücke (“Berlin Airlift”, this was when the Western allies dropped food supplies from above on the encircled city and was called a bridge in the air).

There are more bridges in Berlin than in Venice!

Did you know that…

the A 100 (Autobahn) leads along the longest bridge of Berlin? It is the 93-meter-long Rudolf -Wissel Bridge.