Behind the Scenes

AMPELMANN revealed:
 A look behind the scenes

Owner Markus Heckhausen runs AMPELMANN as a family company: personally, responsibly, and with an appreciation of everyone both individually and collectively. This makes us strong as a whole team – and has a positive impact on everything we do.

Design made in Berlin

Design made in Berlin

Our policy at AMPELMANN is: sustainable, practical and meaningful, for us, for our customers and for everyone who is a fan of Berlin. We want our products to last a long time, go down well and please a lot of people. So we invest a lot of time in new ideas and development. Everything comes from our headquarters in Berlin-Mitte, and all our AMPELMANN products are created here. We have a creative team of around ten people, who are concerned with nothing other than the best possible design and the best possible implementation.

product development

The AMPELMANN Logistics Centre

Our very own AMPELMANN logistics centre is located in Stahnsdorf, Brandenburg. All our AMPELMANN products are stored here and delivered to our seven AMPELMANN shops and retail customers with our own fleet of delivery vans. Your order from the AMPELMANN webshop is also processed and sent out from here.

Some facts about our logistics centre:

  • 1500 parcels a month (national and international)

  • 2200m² warehouse

  • 15 colleagues working in the logistics team

The Ampelmännchen are going on their travels!

Not only in Germany are the red and green Ampelmännchen loved – the east German Ampelmännchen are also firm favorites in China. How do our products reach this far away land? We will show you. We have made a film together with the airport Berlin Brandenburg and the logistics company Rieck showing how our cult products travel to china from Berlin. In the video our logistics manager Gordon puts together the order and brings it to the airport in our own AMPELMANN delivery van. The Ampelmännchen are then loaded on board and arrive in China after a long flight. At the end of the film you can also see a few dream destinations visited by the Ampelmännchen. Do you know where they are?
Bon voyage Ampelmännchen!