Product Development

How are products created at AMPELMANN?

Green Planet Energy

So you can imagine how the creative process and product design at AMPELMANN works, we have put together an example of how we work, showing also what fun it can be, achieving the best results and designing individual products:

  • All our ideas and products are developed in-house. The AMPELMANN team evaluates all designs before they go into production.
  • Our shop interiors, even right down to the price labels, are all designed and created by AMPELMANN.
  • We use sustainably sourced, long-lasting materials and make a point of using sustainable production methods.
  • We prefer to work with manufacturers and suppliers in Berlin and the surrounding area.
  • We have a good relationship with our suppliers and value their expertise.

For us, our customers and visitors to Berlin, our products are more than just „products“: they are a part of Berlin.

LET THE SUNSHINE IN New AMPELMANN sunglasses now in store


Collecting ideas and inspiration

The first step was a lot of fun. Our designers have ordered pairs of sunglasses to our office and we tried them on. Which sunglasses are in vogue right now? What models are available and fit which face? What kinds of frames do men prefer and which women? Important to us were modern colors and stylish frames.

Our designers get creative

After a fun teamwork and a creative exchange, our designers did their magic. We wanted new models for men, women, teens, girls and boys. For each, there should be a fresh model in our shops this summer. Our designer Alexandra has developed various design proposals. For girls we imagined something pink and playful.

AMPELMANN hang tags are created by our design team

Not only the design for the sunglasses is created by our team, the hang tags have been created specifically for the new sunglasses as well. It is important to us that our handwriting is on all our products. Even very small things are important in the production process: hang tags, price labels and many other items. Our design team is providing handmade and detailed work for all our products.

Our new sunglasses have arrived

Our new, fresh and super trendy sunglasses have arrived! It is always a unique moment when our colleagues from logistics send us the newest product. Of course we have tried all models immediately and everyone had his or her favorite one in hand at once.

In love with details

Beware, not so fast: Before the sunglasses go on sale, they are tested by our designers and buyers again. Are our designs implemented exactly? Do the colors fit? You can always feel a little tension in the air. Is everything as it is supposed to be? At last, deep breath of relieve, we are all completely happy with the final product.

A little tinkering to make the product perfect

Our designer Anne created and cut the price tags for all pairs of sunglasses. Each one is equipped that way and Anne thoroughly and continuously inspects and adjusts all little details.

The new sunglasses are in store NOW

Finally it's done. The sunglasses have made their way into the AMPELMANN stores. Our logistics have distributed the new models to our seven stores across Berlin. Now it's their daily job to ensure that the shelves are not empty and our customers find what they wish for. Stop by and make sure to get your favourite pair of sunglasses! PS: The new models are also available in our online shop.
Vina working on her bag creation.
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The newly designed bag is finished! You can purchase our new bag in our AMPELMANN shops and in the webshop.
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AMPELMANN Shopping Bag

Our new, large bag had to meet a few design requirements: it had to look good, it had to be sturdy, so you get the maximum use from it, and it had to be sustainably produced. Our colleagues in the buying department of AMPELMANN found the perfect manufactures: their bags are produced from recycled plastic bottles. One bag contains two whole bottles. A great idea don’t you think?

Our designer Vina got to work in our office and created several bags in different designs. We were then able to choose our favourite. Now we just have to wait patiently for a few weeks until you can purchase the bags in our shops!