Shop at Berliner Dom

AMPELMANN shop at the Berliner Dom

Berlin is enormous, but it is easy to explore by just strolling around. Simply select an interesting starting point, plan your approximate route and look a little further. There will always be something going on as you walk through the city.

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AMPELMANN Berlin Souvenir Shop am Berliner Dom

From Alexanderplatz, for example, you could stroll towards the Brandenburger Tor along Karl-Liebknecht-Straße and Unter den Linden. On the left you will see the beautiful old St Mary’s Church; walk past the red city hall and the DomAquarée district – and then you will see two of the most famous buildings in Berlin at the same time: on the left the Berlin City Palace (currently under reconstruction, on the site of the former GDR Palace of the Republic) and on the right the imposing Baroque Berlin Cathedral. And as if that was not enough, a little further on you will come to the world cultural heritage Museum Island.

Im DomAquarée
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 5
10178 Berlin


Due to the current situation, our shop is temporarily closed.


AMPELMANN Berlin Souvenir Shop am Berliner Dom

The AMPELMANN shop here is in a beautiful setting. In the immediate vicinity of Berlin Cathedral, after extensive city tours and intense experiences of Berlin, you are sure to find the perfect souvenir here for friends and family at home. And beautiful, practical memorabilia for yourself too.

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