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Berlin from above

Shall Berlin be at your feet? Then you have to get up high! But that is no problem at all: there are plenty of places that will give you an amazing view. In my video I show you three special and  very different places.

The Funkturm is located in the western part of Berlin. The elevator takes you up in 33 seconds. From here you can enjoy the view and a delicious meal at the Funkturm Restaurant.

You will also find the Park Inn Hotel in Alexanderplatz. From the rooftop you have the most spectacular view to the Berlin TV tower. The elevator takes you up here too. If  you are very courageous, you could choose going down on bungee jumping. 

The Klunkerkranich is located in Berlin Neukölln. You find it on the highest parking level of the shopping center Neukölln Arcaden. Here you can relax, enjoy the view, delicious drinks, an every now an then some live music.

Berlins highest building:
TV tower (368 meters)
Park Inn height:
150 meters
Funkturm height:
147 meters

Did you know …? 

…  that Berlin people  call the  Funkturm „langer Lulatsch“?