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Lustgarten Berlin

The Lustgarten (pleasure garden) in Berlin is a remnant of the gardens that once belonged to the City Palace. The National Socialists had it paved over for their ceremonial march-pasts. From 1951 it was called Marx-Engels-Platz, and there has only been grass growing over the paving stones again since 1999. Pleasure gardens have been in existence for centuries, as parks which invite people to go for leisurely walks.

In 1649 the first potatoes were brought to Prussia from the Netherlands, and were grown in the Lustgarten as decorative plants.

Where does the lust come from?
"Lust" gardens existed for many centuries. They are green park areas where one may "Lustwandeln" (stroll about as you please).

Did you know that …

in the Berlin vernacular the enormous granite bowl in the garden is called the “soup bowl”?