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Potsdamer Platz

With its architecturally potent buildings, which are visible from far away, Potsdamer Platz marks the midpoint between the city centre of East Berlin and the new Western part of the capital. Every year thousands of cinema lovers swarm here from all over the world for the Berlinale. The Sony Center contains a huge cinema, the Filmmuseum Berlin and the Deutsche Kinemathek, and just a few blocks further away is Marlene-Dietrich-Platz. But it is not just film fans who feel good here! The Potsdamer Platz arcades are one of the most important shopping areas in Berlin.

The AMPELMANN shop in the Potsdamer Platz arcades amuses many visitors with its colourful, rustic fittings; opposite the shop is one of the best and most enticing ice cream parlours in the city.

How many visitors cross the Potsdamer Platz every day?

Did you know that …

the first traffic lights in Berlin used to stand on Potsdamer Platz? They were erected in 1924 at the intersection with Leipziger Straße; today a reconstruction commemorates the green traffic light tower.