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The Ampelmännchen are true Berlin originals. Our roughly 600 AMPELMANN products are reminders of their varied history and their triumphal procession from the eastern part of the city through the whole of Berlin. The Ampelmännchen are one of the very few relics of the former GDR to have survived, with our help! For this reason alone, every one of the soon to be eight AMPELMANN Shops is worth a visit. Visitors are also warmly welcomed in the AMPELMANN Restaurant and in our cafés in the shops on the Kurfürstendamm, Unter den Linden and in the Alexa – the most beautiful and popular places in Berlin.

The original AMPELMANN Shop in the Hackesche Höfe has been open since December 2001.

How many AMPELMANN stores exist so far?

Did you know that …

when it was first designed, the green Ampelmännchen walked from left to right? He was turned to face the left in the DDR for ideological reasons (walking in the direction of communism).