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The so-called “death strip” once lay between the former East German district of Prenzlauer Berg and the former West German district of Wedding. Around 300 metres of wall from the border installations still remain, incorporated in the Wall Museum. The Mauerpark opposite the museum is now an attractive green area, with a children’s farm, playground and sports field, a Sunday flea market and karaoke in the open-air amphitheatre, at Bernauer Straße 63–64 in 13355 Berlin.

Every Sunday from 9am to 18pm you can rummage on the flee market in the Mauerpark and check out the various market stalls.

Did you know that …

the Wall Museum (opposite the Mauerpark) is the largest open-air museum in the world? You can walk along the former wall for the entire length of Bernauer Straße; here you can find out about escape routes and the many dramatic events that took place here.