Image Rights Policy

Image Rights Policy

(1) Licence terms

Anyone who uploads one or more images to the website of AMPELMANN GmbH (hereinafter: image author) using the upload form grants AMPELMANN GmbH the non-exclusive right to make the image(s) available to the public on the Internet without any limitation as to time and place and also duplicate and distribute in the form of flyers, company brochures, advertisements, posters, shop decorations, magazines and newspapers, books and product package.

To the extent that the image author is also shown in the image(s), he hereby agrees to his portrait being published by AMPELMANN GmbH. This consent may only be withdrawn for good cause.

(2) Purpose of use

The image(s) will be published in a world map placed on the website of AMPELMANN GmbH:

(3) Further distribution

The further distribution of the image(s) by AMPELMANN GmbH is not permitted.

(4) Reservation of right to refuse publication

AMPELMANN GmbH will check the image(s) for quality and content(s) before publication. AMPELMANN GmbH reserves the right not to publish images that are of poor quality or show offensive contents.

(4.1) Poor quality is present if

  • the image is uploaded in a format other than JPG,
  • the overall image is blurred,
  • dust and/or dirt can be seen on the lens.

(4.2) Offensive contents are those that

  • show unlawful or punishable acts,
  • show pornographic contents,
  • show one or more persons in a humiliating and defamatory manner.

In addition, AMPELMANN GmbH may also refuse to publish those images that offend common decency.

(5) Release from liability

The image author represents and warrants that he holds the unrestricted rights of use to the image material and that the image material is free from third-party rights.

The image author represents and warrants that the depicted persons have agreed to the publication, unless such consent is not required (Sec. 23 KunstUrhG – German Art Copyright Act).

The image author indemnifies AMPELMANN GmbH from any liability resulting from the breach of the foregoing obligations.

(6) Voucher

For providing the image, the image author will receive a 10% voucher, which he can redeem for purchasing products in the online shop of AMPELMANN GmbH. The discount of 10% is not granted on the shipping costs and is valid only while stocks last from a minimum order value of € 35. The voucher cannot be used for already reduced items and reservations and dealer orders are not permitted. The voucher cannot be redeemed for cash and partial redemption is not possible. The voucher cannot be combined with other vouchers. The voucher is non-transferable and must be redeemed within three years.

Apart from this, the use of the image(s) by AMPELMANN GmbH is free of charge.

(7) Security and data privacy

AMPELMANN GmbH makes all common and reasonable efforts to ensure security, in particular the confidentiality of the image author’s data. The data pertaining to the transfer of images may be used for our own marketing purposes and for evaluations.